Our Corporate Competencies
Collaborative? We win together
We are driven to produce great results by working together. We know that diverse thinking delivers smarter ideas and broad organizational wins. Together, we explore, develop, empower, and excel. We achieve more together than by ourselves.

Creative? We innovate and improve

We are high achievers targeting the best, fastest, and most efficient ways to constantly improve results and performance. We vigorously explore and endorse new ideas to find a smarter course of action, influence progress, and inspire breakthroughs

Risk-Taking? We explore and challenge

We always act to eliminate Health, Environmental and Safety risks. We take smart risks to challenge how we work to maximize returns and lead the industry. We have courage to challenge and make decisions. We celebrate diversity of thought and learn from failures

Proactive?We look ahead

We are always future-focused and have a strong sense of urgency. We use our experiences, knowledge and data to anticipate, plan, and influence to continually move forward and evolve. We course correct and avoid over-analysis

Accountable? We own our actions

We are passionate about the effect our individual actions have on collective results. We take ownership for our results and seek to share information, mentor, and celebrate wins. Our integrity ensures we commit to our results and collaborate with one another in order to meet our goals

Results-Oriented? We add value

We are aligned with the vision and organizational goals to perform value-added work that delivers impactful solutions. We leverage our human and technical capital to assess, act, adjust, and reflect for greater success.