Products and Services
Besides the supply from the Talcahuano Plant, OxyChile imports caustic soda from OxyChem's plants in the USA, which is stored and delivered from its terminals through the country for a continuous, efficient and dependable supply.

Our customer service departament takes care to provide you with necessary attention for a reliable and timely supply.

What is it about?
Our commitment with the customer goes beyond the product supply. Our technical staff is highly qualified to:

Provide our know-how in the particular use of the product.
Identify and evaluate all the risks associated to the product supply.
Provide trainig in proper product handling.
Support and counsel the customer on HESS issues related to the involved processes.
Work alongside with the freight carrier to improve the safety on the road.
Provide a support on issues related to supply and safety on a 24x7 basis.

Our Products and Services
OxyChile manufactures caustic soda, chlorine, and derivatives in the Talcahuano plant, along with  caustic soda, caustic potash and other imported products in OxyChem's plants in the U.S.  It uses its own infrastructure and terminals located throughout the country to satisfy the industry's requirements timely and at low cost. 

However, we intend to offer more than high quality chemicals.  In fact, we are committed to our customers by providing technical assistance and logistic support .  Discover the advantages of having OxyChile at your side.